Nikos Xilouris

Nikos Xilouris

Nikos Xilouris was a Greek musician and singer.

He was born in 1936, in a town near Rethymno, Crete. When he was five years old, the Germans burned down his town and his family was forced to flee to a nearby town. He started learning to play the lyre at a very young age and managed...

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Music of Crete Musical, political and social portrait of Nikos Xylouris Nikos Xilouris on YouTube

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greece landmarks

greece landmarks

Greece is a unique place on Earth, combining breathtaking natural beauties with a long and important history, along with friendly and hospitable locals. Whichever place in Greece you decide to visit, it is certain you will find numerous interesting things to see and do.

Probably one of th...

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Village of Marcellus retains some of the finest architectural and historic landmarks in Central New York, such as the Dan Bradley House (59 South Street),

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greek universities

greek universities

All of the Tertiary state – accredited universities in Greece are public. Most studies last four years full – time, awarding a ptychion, which is ranked slightly higher than a bachelor’s degree. Other studies, such as those in a Polytechnic school, last five years; in this case, the degree awa...

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of Left Youth. The SYN Youth participates in the Left Unity in the Greek Universities with smaller left-wing student organizations. It is also a member

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greek tattoos

greek tattoos

Tattoos drawing their theme from Greek mythology and history have always been quite popular in various places of the world. The richness of Greek mythology as well as the important historical Greek figures that have marked history in their own way have inspired many people, so as to decide to...

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Whisperers The Whisperers Bryan Forbes United Kingdom Vortex To prosopo tis Medousas Nikos Koundouros Greece Tattoo Tätowierung Johannes Schaaf Germany

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Karolos Koun

Karolos Koun

Karolos Koun was a Greek theater director.

His real name was Karolos Koen and he was born in Bursa in 1908. He completed his secondary education at Robert College in Istanbul and later studied aesthetics at University of Sorbonne. In 1929, he became a professor of English language ...

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Karolos Koun (Kuhn) (Greek: Κάρολος Κουν; September 13, 1908, Bursa – February 14, 1987, Athens) was a Greek theater director, widely known for his lively

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