Dimitris Horn

Dimitris Horn

Dimitris Horn (full name: Dimitris – Eleftherios Horn) was a famous Greek actor.

He was born in Athens in 1921; his father, Pantelis Horn, was a famous playwright, while his godmother was a distinguished Greek actor, Kyveli Andrianou. He studied at the Drama School of the National Greek...

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Dimitris Horn (Greek: Δημήτρης Χορν) (9 March 1921 – 16 January 1998) was a Greek theatrical and film performer. He is regarded probably as the greatest

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Cornelius Castoriadis

Cornelius Castoriadis

Cornelius Castoriadis was a Greek philosopher, economist and psychoanalyst. He was one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century. One of his most important books is The Imaginary Institution of Society, and his thoughts on autonomy and societal classification have influenced both academics...

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Cornelius Castoriadis (French: [kastɔʁjadis]; Greek: Κορνήλιος Καστοριάδης [kastoriˈaðis]; March 11, 1922 – December 26, 1997) was a Greek-French philosopher

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Alexandros Panagoulis

Alexandros Panagoulis

Alexandros Panagoulis was a Greek politician and poet, who actively participated against the Greek military junta, also known as the Regime of the Colonels (1967 – 1974).

He was born in Glyfada, Athens, in 1939. Second son of a Greek army officer, he spent his childhood and adolescence...

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Union (E. K.). Alexandros Panagoulis was born in the Glyfada neighbourhood of Athens. He was the second son of Vassilios Panagoulis, an officer in the

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greece time

greece time

Greece follows the Eastern European Time (EET) during winter, which is one of the names of the UTC +02:00 time zone. During summer, Greece uses Eastern European Summer Time as a summer daylight saving time, which is the name for the time zone UTC +3:00. Along with Greece, Eastern European Time...

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It played a total of 8 years in the professional categories of Greece (1 time in the national B and 7 times the national C). Official website (Greek)

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greek wine

greek wine

Wine in Greece has been produced for over 6500 years, rendering the country one of the oldest wine – producing regions in the world. Wine in Ancient Greece was extensively used and traded all over the Mediterranean. In modern times, a Wine Institute was established in Greece in 1937, while the...

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Greece is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world. The earliest evidence of Greek wine has been dated to 6,500 years ago where wine was

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