Constantin Caratheodory

Constantin Caratheodory

Constantine Caratheodory was a Greek mathematician, who made considerable contributions to the theory of functions, the calculus of variations and measure theory, with applications to many fields of Mathematics, Physics and Archaeology.

He was born in Berlin, Germany; his father wa...

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Constantin Carathéodory (or Constantine Karatheodori; Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Καραθεοδωρή; 13 September 1873 – 2 February 1950) was a Greek mathematician

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Archbishop Christodoulos

Archbishop Christodoulos

Christodoulos was the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece from 1998 until his death in 2008.

He was born in Xanthi on 17 January 1939 to immigrant parents. Two years later, after World War II had broken out, his family moved to Athens for security reasons. He attended school at Korais ele...

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For other people named Christodoulos, see Christodoulos. Christodoulos (17 January 1939 – 28 January 2008) (Greek: Χριστόδουλος, born Christos Paraskevaidis

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greece holidays

greece holidays

Greece is one of the top destinations for tourists in the world, famous for its natural beauties as well as for the archaeological sites that offer a trip back in time to the beginning of civilization. The country is popular all year around, as the plethora of islands, the mountainous landscape of t...

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According to Greek Law every Sunday of the year is a public holiday. In addition, there are four obligatory, official public holidays: March 25, Easter

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greek cross

greek cross

The Greek cross is also known as the crux immissa quadrata. It has arms of equal length, barely longer than the width. It has been especially used by the Eastern Orthodox Church and Early Christianity.

In antiquity, the cross was used as a symbol, not only of religious but also of ...

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information on the Christian symbol, see Christian cross. For other uses, see Cross (disambiguation). A cross is a geometrical figure consisting of two lines

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greek recipes

greek recipes

There are many delicious Greek dishes than you can prepare on your own and marvel at the result. Here are a few recipes of some of the best known Greek dishes.

Souvlaki is probably one of the most widespread fast food dishes of Greece. Tender cuts of meat are used. Before starting to cook...

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article is about culinary recipes. For a discussion of semiconductor IC recipes, see Semiconductor fabrication. A recipe is a set of instructions

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